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“Miracle weight loss pill used by stars”

UK popular newspaper featured Meratol diet pill on 27 December 2010. Apparently since its launch in USA in October 2010, manufacturers of Meratol sold over 100,000 units of their product and only in the UK about 30,000 orders were made in advance.

According to the Daily Express article, Meratol diet pill can help you achieve weight loss of 3-5 lbs a week and burn 310 calories on average while sitting at your desk, without any exercise.

The article says that big Hollywood stars like Courtney Cox, George Clooney, and Leonardo Di Caprio are all fans of the Meratol dietary supplement.

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Is Meratol medically proven?

Article mentions that several general practitioners have endorsed Meratol. One of those GPs is Dr Katie Long from Glasgow, who says:

“There currently aren’t any over-the-counter products on the market in the UK that will aid and sustain such considerable weight loss as Meratol.”

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What can you expect from Meratol?

Meratol is the latest weight loss supplement on the UK market, giving you 4 different benefits in a single diet pill: decreasing caloric intake, blocking part of your carb intake, speeding up your metabolism and burning more calories.

Ingredients used are well known in the weight loss industry: Capsicum extract, Prickly Pear, Cactus extract and Seaweed extract.

Where can you buy Meratol?

At the moment there is a big PR campaign in the UK about Meratol and these pills are selling very fast. The only credible place where you can buy Meratol is the official website. Manufacturers claim they might start selling Meratol in high street shops in March 2011, but for now you can buy it only via the official website and nowhere else.

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