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There are many diet supplements on the market these days so it is understandable why so many people get confused over which one is the right one for them.

Most supplements, like this one, will try the two edged approach to weight loss. That is, curbing the appetite while boosting the metabolism. However, most will also recommend the healthy diet and exercise route at the same time.

Nuphedragen  is a little different in that it states that there is no caffeine used as this ingredient can cause problems for some people. But it does claim something that is even stronger. The one red flag that people should note here is that the effect has been likened to a cocaine hit!


– DiCaffeine Malate – a stronger effect than caffeine
– Chocamine – a cocoa extract that has no effect
– Phenylethylamine – to give the ‘feel good’ factor
– Synephrine – likened to Ephedra which may well add to weight loss

One thing that dieters should notice here is that there is only one ingredient that is proven to aid weight loss, Synephrine. However, and this is where the waters get a bit murky, there is only 20mg in it which is really not enough to give a good weight loss result.

Side Effects

As with anything with a stimulant in it, anyone who is sensitive will feel a little nervous or anxious. They may also feel that they cannot sleep due to the jittery feeling that the pill brings.


There are so many people who will not be able to take this supplement – anyone with high blood pressure, heart problems, hypoglycemia, and several other conditions. Even those who take NSAIDS, SSRI or anti depressants will also have to avoid them. This makes one wonder then who would benefit from something that has very obvious detrimental effects on the human body.

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