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Cut your caloric intake by up to 20%

Nuratrim is the latest slimming pill to appear on the British weight loss market. Made by Advanced Health (creators of Meratol and Capsiplex) and judging by the ingredient list, we can already predict huge success of this weight loss system.

Why do we say that? Simply because Nuratrim is one of the most advanced diet pills we have seen so far. It successfully manages to do what many other diet pills failed and that is combating the main issues of weight gain: consuming too many calories and slow metabolism (due to inadequate physical activity).

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How does Nuratrim work?

Nuratrim essentially helps you suppress appetite while at the same time it will boost your metabolism and burn excess fat for you. And how does it do this? With the help of the following 4 highly effective ingredients:

  • Glucomannan – This herbal ingredient, once in your stomach, will expand and cause feeling of fullness (satiety). This way your portions will not be as big as before and you won’t feel the need to snack between your meals.
  • Capsicum – Well known ingredient known for its fat burning and metabolism boosting properties. Capsicum extract has the ability to make your body slightly raise its temperature and achieve diet-induced thermogenesis, process where your body burns fat even while you’re sitting at your desk.
  • Green Coffee – Chlorogenic acid found inside green coffee is known to decrease absorption of sugars from your diet and therefore decrease body fat.
  • Licorice extract – Natural digestive tonic as it is called sometimes, Licorice will provide you with good stomach lining and provide your digestive system with all the nutrients for its optimal functioning. Also it will help other ingredients better blend together.

How much weight can you lose with Nuratrim?

Manufacturers claim that you can expect to lose up to 4 lbs in the first week and after that about 1-2 lbs per week can be expected.

Do we recommend Nuratrim?

Yes, Nuratrim is highly recommended diet pill by us. We have seen many diet pills but Nuratrim is definitely a breeze of fresh air. The way ingredients are put together is one of the most innovative things we have seen lately on the weight loss market.

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